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Art-Inspired IG Story Templates!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Since being in quarantine, the days definitely feel a bit different, don’t they? I know for me and a lot of people, they just kind of blend together. While I am lucky enough to be employed at this present time, I still have the desire to seek creative outlets more fervently.

You might have noticed the new logo at the top of my site (more on that in another post), as well as color accents and some layout changes. I hope this will make my site cleaner and simpler to navigate for everyone. Let me know how you like it!

I’m offering something different today in this post. I enjoy Instagram, and one of the things I am fond of are the This or That? story templates. However, after doing so many of them, I realized I wanted to try my hand at making my own.

And, because it’s me, I am centering them around a theme that’s dear to my heart: art. You can find them all below. I will also be sharing them on my Pinterest, as well as using them in my own IG stories! (@saramyriad, if you’d like to follow me)
Please feel free to use these and enjoy them. Just click on the thumbnail to get the full-sized version.

Instagram Story Template Comparing Mediums
Instagram IG Story Template Comparing Famous Artists
Instagram Story Template Inspirations

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