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    Do They See You?

    It’s no secret that I am a bibliophile, for which my husband has always been supportive, but he isn’t the type to buy books as gifts. That changed this past Christmas. He picked out the book pictured above: it details various Tarot card meanings, and ties those meanings into tips to increase creativity. Mike isn’t a reader. He isn’t into Tarot. He used to draw, but hasn’t done so in years. Yet, he picked out the perfect book for me, because he knows I value those things. In typical me fashion, I teared up, and he, used to my outbursts of emotion, but still concerned, asked me why I was…

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    Things That’ve Made Me Happy Recently, Part 2

    It’s been a couple of months since I have made one of these lists. I think my gratefulness comes through in many of my posts, but, well, I just really like making lists sometimes. Antibiotics to help me feel better. I have a kidney infection going on, so I am glad I am able to take something that helps me heal. Going to the local craft fair with my Mom. I knew it was going to be a good day when I walked into a room and immediately saw dinosaurs made for Lego sets. I excitedly yelled, and had a good conversation with the seller about how no one is…

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    New Moon Blessings

    Beloved brothers and sisters, I hope you all have a blessed New Moon. You were drawn to this post for a reason. If you have recently been suffering from toxic interactions with others, let this reassure you: things are going to be resolved. Love, Sara

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    Good Vibrations: Raise Yourself (Pt. 1)

    Even if you haven’t seen the vast number of posts circulating the Web that mention “low” versus “high” vibrations, you are undoubtedly familiar with them, even subconsciously: they’re feelings you get from people, places, or situations. That one person who, despite not actually doing anything to you, stresses you out when you’re around them? That’s low vibration.That job which makes you wake up excited and full of energy? That’s a high vibration job (and lucky you!) The same way that other people can either work or not work with our energy, we ourselves can also be low or high vibration. The good thing is, even if you are currently low…

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    This is 33.

    Happy Birthday to me! I was originally going to do one of those “X Things I’ve Learned/X Things I Love in X Years” things, but I sat down to list it all, and I realized I didn’t want to just put out a huge, long list for the sake of hitting a certain number.  I could do it, but I have no desire to make a post that would take two hours to read. So, instead, here are the things I am most grateful for……or at least, the most important things. Mom: I have a relationship with my mom I have never seen anyone else in my various social circles…

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    I Forgive You

    This is something I have been putting off. I should really know better. Haven’t I always known I wouldn’t be able to truly move on by pretending I wasn’t still hurting? That my upturned nose and indignant sniffs of, “I don’t care at all!” were just more bandages on the cracks in the foundation? I’ve been seeing so many signs telling me it’s time, but I kept shaking my head and begging for it to not be right now. Humanity is perverse. So many of us get so comfortable being in pain, that any steps towards healing are met with reluctance, if not outright hostility. I’ll be honest with you.…

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    Stop Shaming My Sisters

    My sisters, I want you to know that I will always be there for you. I will be the one saying you look fantastic and strong, when others turn up their noses and say you need to act ladylike or no one will respect you, or you’re asking for it because you wear that outfit. I will be the one saying you’re so much more than any one aspect when others assume they are owed you or your body, instead of treating you like the complex human you are; one that deserves to be known completely, respected, and loved. I want you to know that, when other women shame you,…

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    Friday Link Roundup!

    Happy Friday, friends! Since the weekend is ahead of us, I thought I would share some interesting links. There’s plenty of reading material, because it’s still very much summer and I love a good spooky story in the heat of the season. (I also like them in the fall. And winter. And spring…..uh, just roll with it.)  The rest of the links are just some fun things to round everything out. Clicking on the links will open them in a new window. Enjoy! Beautiful Southeast-Asian ghost story novels. Sweltering Southern Gothic novels for the heat of summer. Here’s an awesome interview at GQ with author Paul Tremblay! Lots of summer…