My Site Categories: An Overview! Updated for 2023

Those of you who have been visiting my site for awhile probably have noticed the categories running along the top of my website and in my menus. I just wanted to give a brief overview of what you can expect for each one. Keep in mind that a few posts can fall into more than one category. Note: Some of these do not have many posts that correspond to them; please bear with me as I continue to expand my site’s content.

Writing: The largest category and one I love a lot; stories from my life and reflections on humanity.

Poems & Musings: Silly, dark, sensual. It’s all here.

Books: A monthly reading wrap-up (when I feel like writing them), favorite titles in specific categories, titles that are being released soon that I’m excited about, plus anything else regarding books.

Art: Favorite artists, my personal art, musings on the creative process, crafts.

Lifestyle: My struggles with shopping, how to shop thoughtfully, beauty, fashion, self-care, useful items, random daily thoughts that might not be purely covered under the Writing label.

Metaphysical: Letting go of ego, crystal work, Oracle cards, Tarot, meditation, my personal spiritual journey/why I chose it.


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