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    February Reading Wrap-Up

    Hello, everyone! I have been busy this month in terms of reading, so I’m excited to share my wrap-up for the month of February. Side rant: I do not like the system of 1-5 stars. I feel it’s just not enough of a scale to accurately rate books, especially with how¬†subjective reading is. I feel it’s¬†more helpful to find someone with similar reading tastes to mine and check out their book lists. Therefore, I usually will not leave ratings on Goodreads unless the book blows me away, or I really dislike it, and I will not be utilizing them on my site at this time until I figure out a…

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    Last-Minute Holiday/Winter Reads!

    I hope everyone is staying cozy and warm today; we had quite a bit of snow dumped on us, so I ended up staying home. It worked out perfectly, because I had been compiling a little list of fun books that are great for this time of year. If you have someone you need a last-minute gift for, or just want to treat yourself, I hope you are able to walk away with a couple of ideas. Please note: all of these titles can be easily found on Amazon, but I opted to utilize IndieBound. I would rather spend more and know the money is staying in my community, but…

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    BookOutlet vs. Thriftbooks

    Today, I bring you a fun little comparison between my two favorite online bookstores – BookOutlet and Thriftbooks! While I’m aware there are hundreds, probably thousands, of online bookstores and sellers, these are the two I find myself visiting frequently, and therefore have the most experience with. They also happen to be very different from each other in some respects. I hope you find this post fun and informative! Please note that all of this information was current at the time of this writing. Any policies, products, rewards systems, or sales of these two sites is subject to change. Thriftbooks: Thriftbooks is a fun site that offers everything you can…

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    Book Hoarder to Anti-Tsundoku

    Tsundoku: a Japanese phrase, meaning to buy or acquire reading materials and allowing them to pile up, unread. I haven’t been shy on my website about my struggles with anxiety and impulse control, but today I wanted to narrow it down to perhaps my greatest vice, and how I am finally—-finally—-overcoming it. I am a bookworm in every sense of the word. I zip through books like they’re water and I’m dying in the desert. I like to look in used bookstores and current bookstores. I even enjoy other bookish items, like keychains with quotes. This desire to constantly seek out new goodies, along with my shopping issues, has lead…

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    Guilty Pleasures: A Poem

    There’s no limit to the measures One will take for their guilty pleasures I say to myself, and duck behind shelves The store is empty; I have it all to myself Thoughtfully, I run my hands over the wares One eye remains alert, I know I’ll get stares If anyone sees what I’m about to perform But the temptation’s too great, goodbye to the norm! I grab my item of choice, hold it up to my nose And take quite a whiff; it’s sweet as a rose What is it, you ask, a perfume, a cologne? It’s none of those things, you realize, and groan I grin sheepishly; I’ve been…

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    A Quick Note

    I changed the settings, so you no longer are required to enter an email when you leave a comment. I would love it if some (or all) of you let me know what you think of my posts! -S

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    For Those Who Belong In Bookstores

    I am not sure how old I was, but I know I must have been quiet young, simply because I cannot pinpoint a year. My mom was there, and possibly my aunt and grandma. In my memory the bookstore is huge, easily three stories, and the walls are green. The women in my family went on shopping trips in those days, and I was as patient as I could be, being a child. If I was good, I was allowed a treat. I remember my treat that day, because it was a book about dinosaurs, one of those little illustrated field guides that are written for younger readers to appreciate.…

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    January Wrap-Up and TBR

    Things I’ve read this month (so far). Some I started reading back in December, some I read this month, some I’m still working on. These are hardbacks, paperbacks, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines. Because I ain’t got no type. First things first….WINTER OF THE WITCH, by Katherin Arden. I’ve been waiting for this book since I finished the second one. Much like the first two books in this trilogy, I ate this one up over the course of a whole two days. It was a solid end to the series—not perfect, it was actually my least favorite of the three—but it still finished things in a satisfactory way. I completed Lemon Meringue…