Beautiful Accessories for Summer!

Summer has officially begun! We lucked out here a couple of weeks ago and had beautiful, mild weather, but now the humidity is in force (don’t you love the Midwest?) and shorts are out, sundresses are everywhere, and sleeves have all but disappeared.

It’s no secret that kimonos and sleeveless vests are everywhere at the moment, and perfect for summer: they’re colorful, lightweight, and an easy way to take a plain outfit up a few notches. I own a half dozen of them.

And, well, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t talk about jewelry. I love accessories; I don’t leave the house without a few pieces. For this post, I took four of my kimonos/wraps, and used them as the backdrop for coordinating jewelry. I hope you enjoy and that it gives you some inspiration!

Please note: I will have links for the stores I purchases these items from, but they are not affiliates. Also, a good number of these were found in outlet and discount stores, so I urge you to do some hunting on your own. It’s very rewarding when you find treasures.

The Monochromatic Bookish Babe
This look is all about taking a very clean, simple color scheme, and offsetting it with silvery adornments. I love blue and silver together, but gold would also be beautiful! The ring has a fun “seize the book!” saying, which goes perfectly with the text on the pendent.

Ring and Samwise quote necklace (both customized for me):
Silver hoop earrings:
Double disc necklace:
Blue/white kimono:

The Free-Spirited Bohemian
Here, I picked out a couple of shades from this very colorful vest to highlight, by choosing jewelry with the same hues. This is an easy and fun way to make yourself look put-together.

Silver bangles with my name:
Silver bangle with quote:
Blue topaz threader earrings:
Silver eye ring:
Silver and amethyst ring:
Handwoven sleeveless vest:

The Beach-Ready Mermaid
This is a fun kimono that, despite being largely white, still comes across as colorful due to the vivid oranges and reds. I decided to go off that warm color feeling and chose gold jewelry. The seashell earrings are technically mixed metal, but that just makes them look even more chic. I also cheated a little and picked two pairs of earrings, because I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

Crescent moon neckace:
Swarovski crystal bracelet:
Angel quartz earrings:
Seashell earrings: Gift from a friend, but seashell jewelry is everywhere right now.
White/orange kimono:

The Earth Mama
Because this kimono has so many lovely, earthy colors, I picked jewelry with a lot of stones and wasn’t afraid to mix metals and textures.

Stone and leather earrings:
Eye bracelet:
Jasper wrap bracelet:
Harry Potter Hagrid necklace: Another gift; there are similar ones on
Paisley kimono:


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