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    If you are a lake, (or any deep body of water, really)…. Please be wary of mirrors. You may see the smooth, glassy surfaces of these people and assume that they are like you, underneath. However, in time, you will realize what you thought were unplumbed depths, waiting to be explored lovingly, are nothing but your own emotions being reflected back to you by others who cannot truly understand, only mimic.

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    I hear people say, “Don’t tell people you miss them. Don’t say you love them first. Don’t give them that kind of ammo.” As if people are guns waiting to go off and kill us. I say this: if I miss you, I’m telling you. If I love you, or want you, or you hurt me, or you make me happy, I’m telling you that, too. If you want to use the fact I feel and I’m willing to express my feelings against me, do your damnedest. I’m not going to be ashamed over what’s in my heart. I’m not going to live my life with that kind of fear.…

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    The Bookstore

    I think I’m a secondhand book that was reincarnated as a girl. How else can I explain my desire to have you pull me off the shelf, run your fingers teasingly down my spine, and caress my pages, until I gasp and beg to go home with you?

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    New Moon Blessings

    Beloved brothers and sisters, I hope you all have a blessed New Moon. You were drawn to this post for a reason. If you have recently been suffering from toxic interactions with others, let this reassure you: things are going to be resolved. Love, Sara

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    The Embers Still Burn

    When was it that you lifted your shoulders in a shrug, and let the world have its way with you? When was it that you let the fire within you die, because passion is painful, and routine is safe and comfortable and easy? You were my furnace when my entire world was winter. But now you’re cold, and I’m sitting here in the silence, counting points on each snowflake.

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    Good Vibrations: Raise Yourself (Pt. 1)

    Even if you haven’t seen the vast number of posts circulating the Web that mention “low” versus “high” vibrations, you are undoubtedly familiar with them, even subconsciously: they’re feelings you get from people, places, or situations. That one person who, despite not actually doing anything to you, stresses you out when you’re around them? That’s low vibration.That job which makes you wake up excited and full of energy? That’s a high vibration job (and lucky you!) The same way that other people can either work or not work with our energy, we ourselves can also be low or high vibration. The good thing is, even if you are currently low…

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    When you tell me that there are aspects of my personality You find really unattractive I want you to know Every single flaw you perceive in me I have seen and examined in myself A thousand times more closely A thousand times more harshly And found terrible a thousand times greater Than you ever could.  I have spent years disliking Or hating what I saw in the mirror I still have far to travel as I heal So I would gently request You not remind me how ugly I’ve been I am painfully aware

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    “Can I Be Honest?”

    You asked me. And I said: “Yes. Be honest. Be fucking honest and raw and real with me. If you think I’m beautiful, tell me. If you think I’m doing something that will mess my life up, tell me. Tell me you value me. Tell me you cry when you see old people eating alone or a stray animal. The world is full of people who are cowards, who will sugarcoat the truth, or give it to you halfway, or simply lie, so that your heart is broken over and over. A hard truth, told immediately, may hurt now, but it will never be as terrible as the wound festering…