Vix's Pep Talk

Vix’s Pep Talk: Soul Family

Hi, my name’s Victoria! My friends call me Vix. Sara hired me to do this section for her, and she and I are super close, so of course I said YES LOVE, TELL ME WHAT YOU NEED. 

She said she felt people could use a weekly pep talk, and her style is very soft and warm, like your favorite blanket. But sometimes we don’t need blankets! Sometimes we need the blankets torn from us as we are pushed into the deep end of the swimming pool. We fight for air and it’s swim or die, you feelin’ me, honey? SO empowering, the swim or die approach. I’m all about empowerment, which is why I’m here. Empowerment with a side of sass, but also a big ol’ dose of love, cause I do love y’all. I do!   

I thought we could start this with a little chat about our people. Baby, you know when I say your people, I don’t just mean your casual friends or distant family you’ve never met. I mean your PEOPLE – the special ones that the Universe puts into your path to be part of your Soul Family. When you meet these people it ain’t gonna be nothin’ like you’ve felt before. It’s gonna be the most natural and wonderful thing. You’re gonna feel so understood it’s gonna blow your eyes out of your sockets!  

But in order to find your people, you have to go through some weeds. When you’re a ball of light and happiness, you’re gonna attract some people who aren’t so nice for you. They might not be bad people, they just aren’t for you. Now here’s the kicker, you may want them to be your people. Maybe they’re someone you’re super attracted to (there’s no shame in feeling desire!) or someone you think is really cool and just wanna be friends with. You may want them to be your people so bad that you are ready to act or look or believe or behave a certain way. And that’s no way to go through your life.

Honey, listen: the people who aren’t your people, will never be. You can say the exact right words, look the exact right way, do the exact right things, and it ain’t gonna work. Or if it does work, it won’t be somethin’ you can live with long-term. People ain’t meant to live a lie that way. Y’all are meant to live boldly, passionately, and true to yourselves. Don’t you ever try to cram yourself into a certain way of bein’ in order to lure someone. Be 100% you, all the flaws and scars, and the right people will come to you on their own.

And trust me, it’s gonna be ten million times better naturally, than any temporary fleeting connection you had to bend over backwards to get! 

Y’all have a good week and remember your power.  




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