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Ghosts in Love Rattling Chains Against the World

I keep looking for you in the places

We used to haunt

Ghosts in love rattling chains against the world

You insist you’re still there

But my reflection stares back, alone.

We picked this place together

Fought back the priests

Exorcising misunderstanding

I didn’t realize you’d converted

While I wasn’t looking.

Now I trace my fingers in dust

Caking family photos that were never ours

The house creaks as it settles

But I never can

My bones miss yours too much.

Outside the window I see us, before

Laughing in the first grass of summer

I hope it was worth it

The accolades of paranormal sleuths

Who will never understand.

Passively cruel, years gone on a dream

Promising me next time will be mine

Keep your chin up, you said

But you’re no longer here

To see how high I once held my head.

– Sara Myriad

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