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Black Dog Scratching

Same old shit, different day

I’m familiar with this black dog that

Scratches at the door to be let in

Before it jumps on my back for a free ride into

My thoughts.

It’s there now, do you hear it?

I’m the one waiting with dark circles

And smeared mascara on the mattress

Like a queen of dark things

And I will not be afraid.

The door opens; I hear the claws clack as

It comes down the hall and I didn’t bother locking

The door this time

But when I see it, it’s not so big anymore

Its voice is quieter as it asks me if I’m sure

That it’s safe and that I haven’t made a mistake

Can I trust? Can I succeed?

Or do I really think I can handle it?

I say, I weave worlds with words

And I stain my hands with paint

And I said enough and changed my body

And you know what? I’ve survived before and

I’ll survive again no matter what

I’m the motherfucking Phoenix, bitch

You’re only here because you’re a bully

Sensing my good days and I have nothing to say

To you, anymore

– Sara Myriad

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