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Hush. Rest.

No one could accuse me of lacking a work ethic, but I also greatly enjoy my down time.

Recently, events in my life have, as they say, “lit a fire” under my butt, and I have moved into action in a way similar to a bull barreling down a hill. This happens to me occasionally, when I have decided on a course of action which has made me very confident.

My body also enjoys down time, and it has a nifty knack for forcing me to stop when I’m going at a project with too much fervor. It does this the same way many other bodies do, by a little warning cough, a little sore throat, and some weary aches.

I take this for what it is: the Universe gently and kindly telling me, “You have done so much. I have seen you working diligently to improve your art, to grow as a person, and now get your household in order as you and your husband prepare to move. I know you have been antsy and restless, but any discomfort comes from a place of love. You are meant to be pushed outside of your comfort zone in order to grow into the person you’re meant to be. You’re doing so well and I am so proud! But now is the time to pull away, recharge. You are allowed to take time off.”

That’s exactly what I am doing tonight.

It’s so important that we speak to ourselves with love and compassion. We are tangled up with worrying over so many things; we feel guilt even though we know our well-being is suffering. Countless articles will remind you of this, but let me add my voice to the chorus: you are allowed to rest.

I hope you do. I hope you find time, even a bit, to be with yourself, to speak to yourself soothingly and with understanding.

Hush. Breathe.



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