Your Pain Wants Answers. Answer It.

I understand the thoughts you’ve had. If you’d been a certain way, maybe you’d have been loved. If you’d been smarter. Better.

You’ll think others have it figured out and are more valuable, but it’s never been about them, and their own hidden worlds don’t indicate their worth any more than your own struggles mean you’re unworthy.

I’m here to tell you (or maybe I’m reminding myself) that you don’t deserve to feel sick with worry and your life is not meant to be lived in fear.

It takes courage to say, “I can’t do this on my own. I tried to stamp down my hurts as they roared in my head and I can’t do it anymore; they’re too loud and I need help. Help me.”

I hope you remember that you stopped making yourself small and said enough, and that will always be your triumph.


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