The Essence

Art still has truth. Take refuge there.

I was originally going to make a simple post, because I went to the art museum last weekend and it fired me up. So of course, I had to pull out some of my favorite art books! There’s plenty of pinups, anatomical diagrams, animals, and fashion design.

I often find myself on two sides of desire. One part of me craves a peaceful, cozy life.

My brain, however? She wants to run and roam and frolic. She wants to sink into art and never come out until the rumors of how she vanished become more than rumors. They turn into folklore.

She takes me by the hand (or throat, if I’m being especially oblivious that day) and says, “Look at it all! Your creativity isn’t just there when you write or draw.”

“It’s there when you cry over nature.”

“It’s in your style; wearing clothes you feel the most ‘you’ in. The ones that make others smile, too.”

“It’s in the joyful colors you pick for your hobbies.”

“It’s in the appreciation of food carefully prepared.”

“It’s the way you notice silly, fun things.”

“It’s how you love. How you invest in others and keep your heart strong.”

I listened to my true self: this wise, comforting voice. I knew she was right. Creativity isn’t just a trait like my dark eyes or dimples. It IS me. It can’t be taken away. It can’t run out.

I’m carrying this lantern with me into the shadows on the days the world grows a little too dark.

– Sara Myriad


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