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Do They See You?

It’s no secret that I am a bibliophile, for which my husband has always been supportive, but he isn’t the type to buy books as gifts. That changed this past Christmas. He picked out the book pictured above: it details various Tarot card meanings, and ties those meanings into tips to increase creativity.

Mike isn’t a reader. He isn’t into Tarot. He used to draw, but hasn’t done so in years. Yet, he picked out the perfect book for me, because he knows I value those things.

In typical me fashion, I teared up, and he, used to my outbursts of emotion, but still concerned, asked me why I was crying. How could I explain to him properly? How could I explain that I’ve been given gifts by partners in my life, but never had someone made me feel as seen as I felt in that moment?

I tell you this little story because I want to drive home this point: there will always be people who appreciate you for any number of reasons. Some of those, like your heart or intelligence, will be good. Others, like your body or what favors you can do for them, are fleeting and ego-driven; the junk food of the soul, but perhaps tolerable in small doses depending on your taste.

You will meet many, many more people during the course of your life who fall into the latter category. They will compliment you on surface aspects. They will make you feel briefly, shallowly important. You won’t remember the flattery in a year. These people do not see you.

Do not give up the ones who are willing to know you deeply, for the others. Because once you’ve been seen, once you’ve had the feeling of someone looking deeply into you and cherishing what they find, nothing else after, could ever be enough.


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