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The Studio

Lyrics contain poetry

We know this; listen

But underneath the words

The heartbeat

That’s the shit I live for

If my body can’t help but move

Love’s gonna find me again

Dancing in that studio

The night hot, alive

A heaving breathing thing

Sweat dripping down my back


Magenta neon blue

– Sara Myriad

Note: Today I saw something that suggested reframing the way I create and find pleasure. One of the ideas was to dabble in different mediums, or use a medium I already like to talk about something new. I loved the idea of picking a new subject for a poem, and immediately thought of all the synthwave that’s found its way into my music rotation. Typically a metal fan, I’ve fallen hard for the retro 80s feel. And of course, it’s perfect for dancing.

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  • Lucky Number Eleven

    This reminds me of a quote that I sadly can’t recall who to credit:
    “When life doesn’t dance to your rhythm, dance anyway.”

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