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If I could just get it right this time

This one last time

Maybe I could go out and live

Maybe I could live my life the way I need 

Maybe the one thing between a good day and

A bad day is this one last step I keep fucking up 

Maybe that’s the missing piece

Maybe it’s the most important piece

So why can’t I do it and why can’t my stupid

Brain just do this perfectly in the order I have decided

Is the only right order?

I just want to be able to leave the house

Or sleep

Or open the page of this book instead of

Running my hands over it over and over

Or stop thinking about conversations I had

Two years ago and if I said the right things 

Think it again until you get it right

Count it again until you get it right

Do it again until you get it right

Again until you get it right 


– Sara Myriad


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