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Please God, Let Me be Great at Something

Assembling images, constructing themes

Why won’t the words come when I’m proving a point?

I prefer my rage with a pen’s edge

Knives are for posers

Resorting to blood

Instead of destroying the mind.

Don’t they know

The mind bleeds more?

So I write my anger and I do puzzles

Clicking pieces together

Why can’t my brain click into place?

Let me be happy, just hush

It’s time to pull out paints again

I’ve been lost in words; I can’t come out

They’re running together

An ink cage.

I hold the key, the light within reach

Pick up the brush

Then another

There’s no thinking in the colors.

– Sara Myriad

Note: I love the whole creative process, but sometimes, clearly, I need to switch things up.


  • Lucky Number Eleven

    That’s powerful.
    Struggling, but not giving up.
    Changing things up is good. But don’t forget to come back. You will continue to do great things.

  • Andy B

    I’ve never met a writer, nor even read of one, who couldn’t relate to this. You’ll find your way through the fog, my friend.
    I admit I did smile at “knives are for posers.” As a lover of knives, I don’t actually go about stabbing people, so your point is quite valid.

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