My Type of Summer

Another June rolls languidly into July and I once again ponder the idea of [Insert Adjective] Girl Summer.

No maliciousness is meant; they all sound appealing in various ways. Being deeply in love with yourself. Enjoying time with friends. Feeling sexy and free.

But maybe there needs to be a little variety inserted into the mix. Maybe we aren’t fully utilizing how versatile this idea is.

I’ve decided this year is Bob Ross Girl Summer. I’ll let my hair behave how it wishes once humidity comes calling. It will bleach slightly in the sun. It will contrast with my eyes.

I’ll live with my face following the light. A human sunflower. Let my skin tan brown and golden until it resembles maple syrup.

I’ll find moments to be alone with a book. I’ll inhale the pages and realize this speck of time is everything I need. I’ll be gentle. Quieter.

I’ll pull out art supplies. Create every day until my muscles are loose and liquid and I am no longer drowning; I have become the ocean. I’ll feel tiny fish and giant whales and every other thing swim within me. My glimmers of hope. Inspiration. Or I’ll plunge into the soil, reach up, become my own Happy Little Tree. To delight in the breeze through my leaves and the camaraderie of birds.

I’ll give shade to children.

I’ll love every one of them.

– Sara Myriad


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