The Introvert’s Winter

This time of year settles into my bones; it makes me lethargic, yet also kicks my brain into a sort of hum.

I both ache to see my loved ones, and ache to be by myself.

My life’s consisted lately of numerous social functions, family gatherings, and various obligations. I am so grateful that people want to spend time with me, and grateful I am able to do these things. However, I am an introvert, and my internal battery found itself depleted. In truth, I pushed myself too much.

My creativity and mood takes the hardest hits when I’m running on empty. I found myself largely unable to write much of anything, or concentrate.

I wanted to take the best course of action for me when I feel this way, and unplug from my social media accounts. Yet, this time, I struggled with it, for reasons I’m unsure of. I was existing in some sort of half-assed tech limbo, where I was signed out, but kept signing back in and defeating the purpose.

Thankfully, because I am lucky and have wonderful friends, I was able to use my support system for a gentle push to truly take a break.

Winter is a time for reflection and hibernation. Of going deep into ourselves and doing healing work.

I will burrow under blankets and book pages and emerge in the spring as someone new.

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