Return to the Glass Prison

The difference between a virtual prison and a real one is no one (to my knowledge) is able to leave of their own free will and accidentally come back.

What I’m saying is, if you decide to leave IG, make damn sure your app isn’t set to “auto login” or you’ll be back in the squalor before you know it.

After my accidental return, I stayed online for another couple months before finally being able to leave. A lack of willpower? Perhaps. Also the site glitched a couple of times. Let the record state I did try to leave earlier, Your Honor.

I view social media less harshly, now. Oh, not the thing itself: they’re still designed to keep us addicted, keep us scrolling and buying and comparing. The people, though? The ones who haven’t turned themselves into weird brand/human hybrids? Most of them are no different than anyone else. They want to be creative, or silly, discuss hobbies, or even feel desirable.

They want to be seen. Who am I to fault them for that?

My birthday will be here soon. Like every single living thing on this planet, I’m getting older. When I think about my life, the things I love most, how I find peace and happiness?

Social media still isn’t it. At least, not right now.

Pass me another book.

– Sara Myriad


  • Emily San

    ✨pass me another book✨(Obsessed)
    This really does make you think about what truly matters and how freeing it can be to stop the mindless scrolling. Love this and thank you for sharing!

  • Carter Moody

    Glad to see you back with a brief note, Sara. I have over-abundant stacks of books around me, and I returned to writing this year. But I must say, some of the information and inspiration comes from photographers, filmmakers, I first found and even met through Instagram. I won’t publicly blow the topic I’m covering but I learned about the sub-cultural trend in it through IG. The site’s censors seem stuck in the 1934 Hayes Code, however. People are shadow-banned, removed, for saying wrong words, such as ‘bleed,’ as in “does the fabric bleed out during a wash!”

    Keep reading, writing and we’ll see you here I guess.
    Carter (darkhorse_37212)

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