Coffee, Tea, and Thee

A debate that has often perplexed me

Is the choosing of coffee OR tea

You must pick one or the other, they cry

You cannot enjoy both, surely you lie

For coffee is the drink of the do-ers and getters

Tea is the choice for the scholars or betters

And as if this wasn’t already enough

There’s endless varieties to be had of this stuff!

For tea you can drink black, white, herbal, or green

Even ones that taste like coffee, which seems quite obscene

It can be in packets or come loose in tins

If you don’t boil water in a kettle it’s the gravest of sins

Coffee prefers itself to be light, medium, or dark

You can have it plain or add milk, whatever your lark

So knowing this, it seems quite insane

Why anyone would willingly choose both; it’s hard on the brain

But who says coffee can only belong to one set?

While tea is for another? There’s no need to fret

For the answer to your opinion on what’s in my cup

Is quite simply this: shut the hell up!

-Sara Myriad


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