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Good Vibrations: Raise Yourself (Pt. 1)

Even if you haven’t seen the vast number of posts circulating the Web that mention “low” versus “high” vibrations, you are undoubtedly familiar with them, even subconsciously: they’re feelings you get from people, places, or situations.

That one person who, despite not actually doing anything to you, stresses you out when you’re around them? That’s low vibration.That job which makes you wake up excited and full of energy? That’s a high vibration job (and lucky you!)

The same way that other people can either work or not work with our energy, we ourselves can also be low or high vibration. The good thing is, even if you are currently low vibration, you have the tools to raise it. All you need is some honest self-reflection, self-awareness, and a willingness to put in work.

Each week, we are going to focus on a specific goal, the difference between how low and high vibration people react to it, and steps to improve it. These are all things that have helped me as I continue to grow, and I sincerely hope they help someone else.

Week 1: When a Relationship/Friendship Doesn’t Work

This is something I have struggled with again and again in my life. It’s easy to want to be able to blame something specific when things go south. I’ve thought, “If I were prettier/smarter/thinner/had a better job, etc. then this person wouldn’t have rejected me. Maybe I’m just annoying. MAYBE THEY JUST SUCK.” This is a terrible mindset, because the blame game leads to bitterness.

The simple fact is, not everyone is going to be your person. Think about how exhausting it would be if everyone was everyone’s person. It would make friendships and love interests boring, because there would be no sense of acquiring something special.

The next time you feel this way, ask yourself:

1. Is this person treating like I would want a loved one to be treated? People that don’t mesh with your own energy will rarely get a yes to this question. They might come off as very abrasive, depending on the disconnect. In milder cases, they may simply have an air about them of not caring.

2. Do I feel GOOD around this person? Do they make me feel confident, happy, and peaceful? Can I relax around them? Or am I on edge because things always feel off, even if we aren’t arguing? Even manipulators cannot keep up the facade forever. Listen to your intuition!

3. If I tell them something upsets me, are they able to comprehend what I’m saying? Again, people that aren’t meant for you will often literally be unable to see where you’re coming from, even if you spell it out. This is incredibly frustrating for all involved.

4. Are you truly upset things ended, or is there something about the person you’re using for your own gain? Ex: dating someone very good-looking so people think you’re more desirable, wanting to be friends with a certain person because they know someone else you admire.

BUT what if I was cheated on? That isn’t MY fault! Nope. It isn’t. You are allowed to feel disappointment and pain. However, do you really want the person who cheated on you, to get into your head and change your mindset? Do they really deserve that type of power? Recognize the pain, understand it’s part of the process, and move on. (I say this as someone who has been cheated on a couple of times in her life.)

In summary:

Low Vibration People: Harbor bitterness when relationships don’t work. Blames themselves or others.

High Vibration People: Recognize that not everyone can be “their” person. Feels thankful that they did not waste energy on something that would only cause pain.

Try to focus on these ideas during the week. Remember, people that are “your” people, will not require you to fight for them to give you love or be in your life.

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