Emily & Kennedy: 11/02/2019

When Emily approached me about the idea of writing a poem for her upcoming wedding, I admit it, I cried. She has, and continues to be, extremely supportive of my writing, and I realized that I was being given an incredibly gift; the opportunity to use my words to show her how much I loved her and Ken, and how much I wanted them to be happy.

In true writer fashion, I had my pen out until the actual ceremony, crossing out words, or inserting or rearranging others. Finally, it was time to read it. Emily informed me at the reception that it made her and her new husband cry (although, let’s be real, they were already crying, so I will only take partial credit).

It was a day of love. We surrounded the couple like hummingbirds. We shed tears when we saw Emily coming down the aisle, when we saw the excited smile on Ken’s face, when they said their vows, swayed together to music, and everything between. We danced until we ached.

Emily and Kennedy are that rare mix of people who are incredibly driven, yet compassionate. And it’s those things—-their strength, their grit, their humor and love of life, their kindness and intelligence, the way they make the lives better of those who are lucky enough to know them—–that perfectly explains why we were all buzzing on the warm, incredible energy of the day.

Below, I have the full, revised poem that I read at their ceremony. It was never given an official title. I just call it “Emily and Kennedy’s Poem”, so that’s what it will remain.

Congratulations, you two. Keep the years good, and sweet. I love you.

Emily and Kennedy’s Poem

If all the world’s a stage,

Then I say, it is an empty one,

Until love dances across that wooden platform,

And changes everything for us. 

The way it comes up on you, 

All at once, like snow down the mountain,

Or softly, flowing into your ears like radio music. 

And though the snow melts and the song fades,

Love endures.

What else but love gives the courage to place a piece of yourself 

In another’s hands and say, “I trust you, please look after this,

Because there is no one else in the world I want to hold me safe

And cradle me, cherished.” 

This is the beauty and the truth of it,

That when the world presses down,

It is not hopeless.

You can, in an instant, call upon your person,

Your constant.

Love says, ” I promise you, on the days where dishes pile up and

The kids are restless, your hand will reach for mine, 

And we will remember why we stepped on this path together.

The mornings we deliberately overslept,

Because nothing outside the window was better than sharing breaths.

The grocery store outings, 

Where one used the cart as a rocket while the other 

Frantically tried to keep up, laughing,

Because we understand ordinary things

Are what make life so good. 

Touching each other’s hair,

As it grows silver and white with age,

But knowing that hearts which love,

Can never grow old.

These are the songs we will hold inside,

Beats in our hearts that can only be played for each other,

Rhymes that echo along our veins,

Until we are nothing but the truest, barest essence,

Like today, the day we promise ourselves to each other. 

Sara Myriad 2019


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