“Can I Be Honest?”

You asked me. And I said:

“Yes. Be honest. Be fucking honest and raw and real with me. If you think I’m beautiful, tell me. If you think I’m doing something that will mess my life up, tell me. Tell me you value me. Tell me you cry when you see old people eating alone or a stray animal.

The world is full of people who are cowards, who will sugarcoat the truth, or give it to you halfway, or simply lie, so that your heart is broken over and over. A hard truth, told immediately, may hurt now, but it will never be as terrible as the wound festering over days, months, years.

Don’t be those people. The small, the pathetic, the ones who haven’t evolved to have respect and integrity.

So, when you ask if you can be honest, my answer is: you should not be anything else.”


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