I hear people say, “Don’t tell people you miss them. Don’t say you love them first. Don’t give them that kind of ammo.”

As if people are guns waiting to go off and kill us.

I say this: if I miss you, I’m telling you. If I love you, or want you, or you hurt me, or you make me happy, I’m telling you that, too. If you want to use the fact I feel and I’m willing to express my feelings against me, do your damnedest.

I’m not going to be ashamed over what’s in my heart. I’m not going to live my life with that kind of fear.

What I am afraid of, is keeping things locked inside, and missing the chance for my loved ones to know I care. I’m afraid of saying nothing—and maybe it wouldn’t have mattered—but maybe someone who needed to see my words will be given hope.

There are too many people who keep themselves closed off. Have courage.

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